Turn your marketing message, advertising creative or photo assets into jigsaw puzzles, instantly!

PuzzleBee™ is engaging advertising that's fun AND effective.

Are you a site marketer promoting products and services? Do you seek to engage members of your community?

Do you seek high levels of engagement as a means to improve performance metrics such as time on site, return visits, click thru and registration?

PuzzleBee provides a customizable and highly immersive marketing technology that drives high levels of engagement, and as a result, fuels prolonged times on site, high levels of repeat visitors and powerful lead generation.

PuzzleBee is unlike conventional banner ads, simple widgets or videos, which are largely passive experiences and fail to engage visitors.

Only PuzzleBee converts static marketing messages into active audience engagement experiences.

  • 1.) PuzzleBee delivers great results for marketers by involving audiences in a brand message, image or experience, and that in turn drives:
    • a. prolonged time on site
    • b. return visits
    • c. registration, email contact or other information capture
  • 2.) Brands such as eHarmony have used PuzzleBee jigsaw puzzles as a highly effective conversion driver for signups.
  • 3.) PuzzleBee is fully integrated into a site; it is easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage and easy-to-measure.

PuzzleBee is a patent-protected engagement solution for brands and websites.

#61/044,993. "Method and System for providing an online jigsaw puzzle and use of the puzzle as an advertising vehicle."

PuzzleBee™ is a product of Tap Slots, 5235 Ponderosa Way, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89118